Oral Health’s Top 10 News Stories of 2021

Another year is winding down and it is time to look back on the top headlines that got your attention in 2021.

2021 was another productive year for the Oral Health Group. We published the results from our fourth annual Data Driven Dentistry survey, which focused on how to survive and thrive during the global pandemic. Another special edition ­– the  Student Issue – was released in October and a brand-new series called Chairside Chats was launched. This new series features interviews with dental professionals and discusses successful practice management, lessons from the industry, and more.

Our Oral Hygiene brand, which publishes a quarterly print issue, has launched a monthly e-newsletter. This newsletter includes exclusive web articles, news items, and interesting Q&A columns, geared toward all our dental hygienists out there.

Unsurprisingly, the second year of the COVID-19 pandemic provided many news stories once again, specifically regarding vaccines. Whether you came across these stories on our website, newsletters or social media, they were viewed and debated by many.

Take a look back on the most popular news stories that came out of 2021 by clicking the links below to reminisce on another wayward year.

  1. New Drug to Regenerate Lost Teeth

A new study by scientists at Kyoto University and the University of Fukui may have found a way to stimulate tooth growth for those who have lost teeth. Could these new methods one day replace implants and other artificial measures?

  1. Dentists at Lower Risk of Getting COVID-19: Study

This is a story that can hopefully bring some peace of mind to dentists. A completed by a number of Canadian universities shows dentists as less likely to contract COVID than the general population.

  1. Ontario Dental Association Calls For Early Access to COVID-19 Vaccine for Dentists, Staff

Here is the first of a few vaccine-related news items to appear on this list:  the announcement of Ontario’s vaccination plan at the beginning of the year. The ODA and many others were concerned when dentists were not included in the first round of vaccinations, considering the nature of their work.

  1. Dental Practice Threatened After Advising Extra Charge for Unvaxxed

Things heated up as a debate developed between those for and against the COVID-19 vaccine. A private practice in New Zealand received a number of threats after announcing they would be charging an extra fee for patients that had not been given the COVID vaccine. These threats were unacceptable and reported to the police.

  1. Canadian Dental Association Calling for Vaccine Mandate for Health Care Workers

On another vaccination note – in September, the CDA released a statement requesting the government make vaccination mandatory for all healthcare workers including dental professionals.

  1. Dentists and Vaccines: Some View Vaccination Status as a Deal Breaker

The final vaccine-related item on this list involves our neighbours in the US. Since vaccination is not mandatory for dental workers (only “suggested” by the ADA) some patients began to switch dental offices if they suspected their dentist was not vaccinated.

  1. Dental Staffing Shortage Continues as Dentist Offices Return to Pre-Pandemic Operations

Another popular topic this year in the dental industry was the staff shortages happening around the world. Many chose not to return to the profession for safety concerns or simply retired. This is an ongoing issue in dentistry.

  1. Dentists, Staff Facing Threats as Patients React ‘Very Badly’ to P.E.I.’s New Restrictions

The angry, threatening patients in the #7 news article weren’t an isolated incident. According to the Dental Association of P.E.I., patients throughout the province were complaining about the restrictions put in place at dental offices and, in some cases, making threats.

  1. Certain Mouthwashes Might Stop COVID-19 Virus Transmission

Earlier in the year, evidence was found that suggested some mouthwashes disrupted the COVID-19 virus. However, more studies would need to be done to prove its efficiency with humans.

  1. Tax Court Win Means Dentists Can Qualify for HST Refunds

The most popular news piece from the year is actually a little bit of good news and comes from DCY Professional Corporation Chartered Professional Accountants. A tax court victory could lead to more dentists and orthodontists qualifying for HST refunds.

The Oral Health Group would like to thank our dedicated readers for your continued support and wish everyone a wonderful and safe holiday season and a happy New Year!