Oral Science Introduces the All-New Cotton Candy FluoriMax 2.5% Sodium Fluoride Varnish in Canada

Oral Science is pleased to present Canadian dental professionals the all-new cotton candy FluoriMax™, for patients looking for a tremendously fantastic taste!

During the development of FluoriMax™ in 2014 , research showed fluoride uptake into enamel was statistically the same at 2.5% and 5% concentrations, better than traditional 5% varnishes. Research published by the University of Colorado determined that fluoride “saturation” from varnishes occurs at 2.5% NaF to available tight and loosely binding sites in a HAp disc in vitro model, further providing proof of the efficacy and efficiency of our patented formulation.

FluoriMax™ promotes the highest level of treatment against caries by forcing more sodium fluoride to the surface of the varnish when applied to the tooth, thereby providing a highly superior quantity of fluoride into the teeth than other leading brands. Formulated without colophony, a natural resin obtained from pine or cone trees that can create allergic reactions, FluoriMax™ features:

  • 2.5% sodium fluoride giving a great fluoride uptake
  • Food grade shellac resin making the varnish safer than ever and more comfortable for the patients
  • Non-tacky coating
  • User-friendly patient experience
  • Lower cost
  • Hydroxyapatite, the same ingredient found in our enamel and dentine.

FluoriMax™ is available in Canada exclusively through Oral Science in bottles of 12 mL and full kits include delivery syringes and dispensing cups. The other flavors available include mint, bubble gum salted caramel and unflavoured.