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Oral Science Launches X-PUR CariØ, a 25% Xylitol Formulation Toothpaste Reducing Cariogenic Bacteria

January 29, 2019
by Oral Science

Oral Science is proud to continue offering dental professionals effective and innovative home-care solutions for caries management by launching X-PUR CariØ, a 25% Xylitol formulation toothpaste scientifically proven to reduce cariogenic bacteria.

Since the 50’s, fluoride is the most widely used therapeutic agent in toothpaste. For adults and children highly infected by cariogenic bacteria (100,000 Streptococcus mutans / mL of saliva), which represents a high percentage of patients, fluoride toothpaste will remineralize, but might not offer optimal removal of cariogenic bacteria.

This is why, more than 12 years ago, Dr. Jacques Véronneau, clinician, researcher and one of the only cariologists in Canada, began his journey to identify a therapeutic agent able to reduce the cariogenic bacteria load.

The results of his studies were really conclusive;

Compared to a fluoride toothpaste, this formulation was able to offer

  • 60% less lesions
  • 80% less cavitated lesions
  • 40% more remineralized lesions

X-PUR CariØ also offers many benefits to patients

  • Granted an Health Canada NPN license to help prevent cavities
  • Fluoride-free
  • Free of sodium lauryl sulfate, gluten & GMO
  • For adults and children
  • Light spearmint taste
  • Low abrasivity & neutral pH
  • Free of harmful plastic particles
  • Gel form

Oral Science’s team of oral health consultants and dental professionals is ready to meet dental teams to present them X-PUR CariØ!

Call our customer service at 1 888 442.7070 or visit www.oralscience.ca/en/presentations/ to schedule your in-office presentation now!

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  1. Michael says:


    I’m curious why there seems to be no effort at allowing US buyers to easily acquire this toothpaste. For some odd reason all the regular channels to obtain this appear inadequate. I would love to obtain X-PUR CariØ as well as other products carried by your business but although Americans can buy pharmaceuticals via Canadian online pharmacies your items seem to be inaccessible.

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