Oral Science: The True AIRFLOW® Integration Specialist!

Based on current scientific evidence and leading technology, there has been an industry shift towards an increased demand for Guided Biofilm Therapy (GBT) and AIRFLOW® technology. A number of offices are already in the process of implementing this technology for the management of biofilm, which is exclusively accomplished through the use of the AIRFLOW® Prophylaxis Master and AIRFLOW® One systems.

We believe it is our mission to let you know that Oral Science is the premium distributor and educator of EMS, with highly trained clinicians to support you with integrating GBT into your practice.

Guided Biofilm Therapy provides a systematic and predictable evidenced based treatment protocol for caries and periodontal biofilm management on teeth, soft tissues, and implants. This minimally invasive approach maximizes preserving sound structures through the use of the EMS AIRFLOW®, PLUS powder, and the PIEZON® NO PAIN Technology.

Dental technology has evolved over time and yet dental hygiene therapies have stayed somewhat the same. Guided Biofilm Therapy has been backed by extensive research published over the past 15 years. It’s a new and modern technique that can be integrated easily into your practice, and help to calibrate your dental hygiene program.

As a premium EMS distributor and integration specialist, Oral Science provides:

  • The distribution of the AIRFLOW® Prophylaxis Master, AIRFLOW® One and all related instruments, hand pieces and accessories
  • Complimentary, personalized educational sessions on Guided Biofilm Therapy for you and your team with one of our Certified GBT Specialists
  • Hands-on training (and ongoing support) to ensure optimal integration of the technology
  • Competitive pricing and courtesy payment plans
  • Patient education and marketing tools (i.e. brochures, videos)

For more information on EMS GBT & AIRFLOW®, we invite you to visit https://www.oralscience.com/en/products/ems/

For more educational webinars, please visit https://www.oralscience.com/en/webinars