Pennsylvania Dentist Accused of Murdering Wife During Big Game Hunting Trip in Africa

A dentist from Pennsylvania has been accused of using a scenic getaway in Africa as a cover to kill his wife and then collect millions of dollars in life insurance benefits.

Lawrence Rudolph, a big game hunter and the founder of Three Rivers Dental in Pittsburgh, has been charged with mail fraud and foreign murder in connection with the slaying of his wife, Bianca Finizio Rudolph. The pair traveled in late September 2016 to Zambia, where they were to enjoy safaris and hunting trips.

Instead, federal investigators suspect Rudolph killed Bianca and then had her remains quickly cremated. He went on to allege her shooting death was accidental and then made claims through seven different insurance companies totaling nearly $5 million in payouts, according to a criminal complaint obtained by People on Wednesday. It was initially filed in a federal court in Colorado back in December.

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