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Poor Oral Health and Seniors Falling Correlated, Says Study

May 14, 2018
by PR Newswire

An April 29 article in Medical News Bulletin reports on the JAGES Project Longitudinal Study, which sent out questionnaires to roughly 40 thousand Japanese men and women over 65. The study found that poor oral health was associated with a greater incidence of falls in the elderly population. The study seemed to make a connection with the ability to chew and digest food properly, avoiding choking and the risk of experiencing a fall, often a literal matter of life and death for aging individuals because of the greatly increased risk of injuries and complications. Medical Center Dental Care, a Western San Fernando Valley dental clinic, says that the study is another addition to the growing body of evidence connecting healthy, functional teeth and gums with overall wellness.

The dental office says that it makes a great deal of sense that aging people who may not be obtaining the best nutrition, or who might tend to have problems eating, would be more at risk of falling. After all, choking even for just a moment can startle anyone into a fall, and less than ideal nutrition can lead to fatigue and other problems that make it more difficult to move about properly.

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