Public Hearing Scheduled for B.C. Dentist Alleged to Have Overbilled and Misdiagnosed Patients

The College of Dental Surgeons of B.C. is taking disciplinary action against a B.C. dentist who it says failed to diagnose and treat patients properly and billed inappropriately.

The college is planning a public hearing, although the dentist, Bin Xu, is not expected to attend and the college has not been able to locate him.

“CDSBC’s mandate is to protect the public by taking action when our registrants do not meet our standards of competence and conduct,” college spokeswoman Anita Wilks said in an e-mail.

“We don’t stop our enforcement when a dentist decides not to co-operate with the disciplinary process, or as in this case, simply can’t be found. We are making every effort to locate Dr. Bin Xu. Discipline hearings can and do proceed whether the practitioner appears or not,” she added.

A citation for the public hearing, scheduled for the first week of November in Vancouver, alleges Dr. Xu continued to offer dental services even after he told the college he would stop practicing.

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