Quebec Dentists Warn About Potential Risks of Salon Teeth Whitening

In the wake of a growing demand for cosmetic teeth whitening, Quebec’s professional order of dentists is warning against the potential adverse effects of getting a procedure from a beauty salon instead of a dental clinic.

More and more aestheticians and beauty parlours are adding teeth whitening to their list of services, but often the people doing the job only have a day’s training under their belt, according to the order’s president, Barry Dolman.

“It could be a hairdresser, a mechanic, anyone who could be doing it,” said Dolman.

There are a number of salons that offer one-day training programs, including at Station Beauté Québec in Quebec City, which has offered a course in teeth whitening since February.

The salon’s owner, Christine Faucher, told Radio-Canada they get about a dozen people signing up for the training every month.

Faucher said that the peroxide used is regulated by Health Canada and classified as a cosmetic product.

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