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Quip, An Instagram-Friendly Toothbrush Company, Is Going After The Dental Insurance Industry

July 10, 2019
by AdWeek

Instead of simply disrupting a category, direct-to-consumer brands are expanding into changing up entire industries.

Two telemedicine direct-to-consumer brands—Ro and Keeps—started the first wave by offering men a different way to get a doctor’s consultation on uncomfortable health issues. Now, Quip, a DTC toothbrush company that’s sold in Target is rolling out two dental care alternative plans called Quipcare and Quipcare+ so consumers can have more of a choice about what they’re paying for—while receiving a discount on the care itself.

“As a company we’re very focused on simplifying things and doing things and offering things that actually make sense to our users when it makes sense to them,” said Simon Enever, Quip CEO. “We always knew and have been building this end-to-end, full-scale oral care companion. If we’re going to help people with oral care we have to help with things that completely connect it.”

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