Recent Cyber Attacks Should Worry Dentists

Ransomware attacks more than quadrupled in 2016, with nearly half happening in the healthcare sector, according to a recent report that looked at multiple industries and found hackers setting their sights on on the healthcare industry.

The Beazley Breach Insights report comes at a time when healthcare and information security executives are struggling to understand how best to protect against and react to ransomware attacks against the backdrop of an increasingly sophisticated threat landscape. Just last week the IBM X-Force Threat Intelligence Index found that, across all industries, 2016 saw 4 billion records compromised, the most in any year on record.

In the Beazley report, published earlier this year, the cybersecurity vendor outlined four steps that healthcare organizations can take to help protect their data: deploying prevention and detection tools, using threat intelligence services, training managers and employees on cybersecurity and threat awareness, and conducting risk assessments focused on identifying and protecting sensitive data.

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