Red Deer Dentist Wins Partial Victory in War with Alberta Dental College

A Red Deer dentist who has fought a public battle with competitors for years has won a partial victory in the courts, but vows to continue the fight.

Dr. Michael Zuk has a history of criticizing what he calls “an old boys’ club,” and has faced a barrage of complaints from other dentists over the years. The Alberta Dental Association and College has taken issue with his advertising practices, and with some of his public statements.

But this month, Alberta’s highest court quashed a 12-month suspension issued against Zuk by the dental college.

Eight years ago, Zuk published a book titled Confessions of a Former Cosmetic Dentist, which made repeated references to a group of dentists he calls “Veneer Nazis.” He has also publicly alleged the dental college ignores evidence of misconduct by other dentists.

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