Oral Health Group

Returning to Practice: Planning and Considerations

April 30, 2020

The Government of Ontario has now released A Framework for Reopening our Province. The document makes clear that, when implemented, “public health and safety will be the number one concern, while balancing the needs of people and businesses”. This approach reflects what we have seen in other jurisdictions, including strong interest in specific protocols, the need to balance the resumption of services with health and safety, and a commitment to ensure that any changes do not undermine the sacrifices the population has made during this pandemic and risk a second wave.

There seems to be good evidence that we are “flattening the curve” in Ontario. However, that curve looks more like a plateau at the moment, especially in the bigger urban centres. The decision on when and how to implement the government’s framework is in the power of the Chief Medical Officer of Health and the Government of Ontario. We continue to take part in daily and frequent calls with the Ministry and public health. When they have a better idea about when the State of Emergency should end, we will know about it.

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