RUDN University Dentist Suggested a Comprehensive Ozone-Based Anti-Inflammatory Therapy

Both the dental pulp (loose connective tissue in the dental cavity) and the periodontium (fibers that connect the dental root with the bone of the jaw) can get inflamed. If the infection is not localized only on the inside or the outside but affects both areas, it is much more difficult to completely cure a tooth. Such cases are difficult to diagnose, therefore, professional literature contains only a few descriptions of them, and there are no general treatment recommendations. Some dentists prefer to focus on the internal canals first, while others suggest treating the pulp and the periodontium simultaneously. A dentist from RUDN University implemented a single protocol for comprehensive pulp and periodontium treatment.

“Inflammation of periodontal tissues often leads to tooth loss. In some cases, a lost tooth cannot be replaced with an implant, because the consequences of the infection worsen the implantation prognosis. Therefore, keeping the tooth is a more desirable outcome in this scenario,” said Dr.Maria Makeeva, PhD, an Associate Professor at the Department of Conservative Dentistry, RUDN University.

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