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Sable EZ Lube Line Of Dental Handpiece Lubricants

September 4, 2019
by Sable Industries Inc.

Please note as of July, 2019 Sable has expanded to include the Sable EZ Lube line of products!  Sable EZ Lube Spray, Dropper and Refill are now available across Canada.  Sable EZ Lube has been tested by a 3rd party against the industries top competitors and we perform 100-250% better in overall testing.  That means Sable EZ Lube improves performance & reduces wear of your customers handpieces.

Our lubricant line both cleans and lubricates at the same time and is food grade safe.  Another huge advantage of Sable EZ Lube is that all our product ships within Canada, no delays at the border making for smoother and cheaper costs of transport.

This addition will allow you to offer a top quality product at Sable Pricing, Value & Performance!

  • Top quality food grade safe lubricant made to dental and even aerospace industry standards
  • Tested best in class for smallest bearing scarring
  • Sable EZ Lube dropper has a unique needle nose design that is ideal for smaller slow speed parts and repair work
  • Ships within Canada, saving time and money.

2200103 Sable EZ Lube Spray 500ml:      wholesale: $22.25                            MSRP: $42.00     September Special 5+1

2200104 Sable EZ Lube Refill 500ml:       wholesale: $33.25                            MSRP: $55.41     September Special 5+1

2200105 Sable EZ Lube Dropper 2oz:      wholesale: $14.32                            MSRP: $23.86     September Special 10+2


Thank you for your attention and we at Sable look forward to bringing this exciting new line of lubricants to you and your handpiece customers.

Sable EZ Lube

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