School Dental Vans That Illegally X-Rayed Children Are Shut Down

A network of mobile dental vans that illegally X-rayed children has been shut down, and a corporate takeover has seen directors sacked on the spot and vans forcefully taken from school grounds in dramatic scenes.

However, the new owners who seized the vans were also operating without an X-ray licence for five months, the Herald has learned.

The company that runs the Smiles Onsite mobile clinics was convicted earlier this year of X-raying thousands of children between 2014 and 2015 without radiation licences or any training.

Herald investigation in August revealed accusations by multiple former employees of billing Medicare for procedures that weren’t performed or weren’t necessary, hiring underqualified staff, mistreating workers, performing unnecessary X-rays and not giving children and staff protective gear. The company strongly denied the claims.

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