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Seniors Are Continuing to Work For Healthcare Benefits

July 28, 2016
by Poss Perry, Partners in Prevention

An increasing percentage of American seniors are working rather than retiring. A recent report shows that almost 1 in 5 are working full time or part time; this amounts to 9 million Americans. The trend to seniors’ working is a long one (see chart) and contrasts with younger age groups where the percentage with jobs has remained flat for many years.

One factor compelling more American seniors to work is that overall healthcare costs (including co-pays on drugs) are burdensome, even with Medicare support. And the prospect of significant nursing home costs is frightening to many.

In this context, age-related problems with oral health (e.g. root caries) often get lost in the shuffle until there is a crisis. Few American seniors are insured for oral health and dental visits by this group have declined for many years.

To view the full story, please visit: http://partnersinprevention.ca/older-workers-and-maintenance-oral-healthcare/

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