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Shofu Dental Corporation Introduced FIT SA™ a Bioactive Self-Adhesive Flowable Composite with Bioactive Giomer Technology Inside

January 24, 2020
by Shofu Dental Corporation

During the 2019 Greater New York Dental Meeting, Shofu Dental Corporation, a leading manufacturer of award-winning dental materials and equipment, announced the introduction of FIT SA, a new comprehensive self-adhesive flowable restorative with bioactive Giomer Technology inside.

FIT SA has eliminated the need for the technique sensitive bonding procedure. This revolutionary nano-hybrid bioactive self-adhesive flowable composite is designed for use as a liner, small Class I (PRR), Class III, and Class V, and other non-load-bearing restorations. The unique chemistry of FIT SA is BPA-free and provides a chemical bond as well as resin tag infiltration. FIT SA offers superior strength and polishability, and the unique filler structure combines the light transmission and diffusion properties of both dentin and enamel to blend with the surrounding dentition.

Shofu’s exclusive bioactive Giomer Technology gives FIT SA the ability to release and recharge six beneficial ions for the life of the restoration. These bioactive ions inhibit plaque formation, minimizes hypersensitivity, neutralize acid, and release and recharge fluoride. Giomer Technology is clinically vetted in an eight-year study at the University of Florida, where no failures or decay were found in any of the restorations.

FIT SA delivers precision placement with its ideal handling, high bond strength for reliable adhesion, and total integration of bioactive benefits.

Available in 2.2g syringes in two viscosities (low flow and high flow) and five shades at a low introductory price of $38.70.

PN       FIT SA F03 (Low Flow)                                                PN       FIT SA F10 (High Flow)

Y2550 A1                                                                                   Y2560 A1

Y2551 A2                                                                                   Y2561 A2

Y2552 A3                                                                                   Y2562 A3

Y2553 A4                                                                                   Y2563 A4

Y2554 B1                                                                                   Y2564 B1

More information on FIT SA can be found on Shofu’s website at www.shofu.com. For further inquiries, contact Rachel Blacklaw Marketing & Graphics Manager 760-736-3277 ext. 219

About Shofu Dental Corporation

Shofu has been known for its excellence in abrasive and restorative dentistry. The company’s expertise in abrasive technologies and restorative materials combined with a continuous strive for excellence has led it to the development of a score of high-performance products. Five-time winner of the Cellerant’s Technology Award, the EyeSpecial digital dental camera, makes clinical photography predictable, consistent, and easy for the entire dental team. Bioactive Giomer Technology, a proprietary component of Shofu’s materials, combines the clinical benefits of bioactivity with superior physical, mechanical, and aesthetic properties. This unique technology has been rigorously vetted in 13- and 8-year clinical research studies, which recorded intact aesthetics, no secondary caries, no failures, and no post-operative sensitivity. Shofu’s expertise in dentistry translates into delivering life-transforming products that help dental professionals increase their patients’ satisfaction and, ultimately, improve the growth and profitability in their practices.

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