SNIWWOC is Launching a Free Mobile Dental Hygiene Clinic for Low-Income BIPOC Women and Their Children

The Support Network for Indigenous Women and Women of Colour (SNIWWOC), in collaboration with Khalsa Aid Canada and Wheely Clean, is breaking down financial barriers to oral healthcare.

Always focussed on holistic healthcare program delivery for racialized women, SNIWWOC strives to meet the needs of their community in many ways, from free mental health counseling, peer and career support to their latest project: a free mobile dental hygiene clinic.

Regular dental hygienist visits make an important contribution to overall health, which is often not accessible to low-income, racialized women because of the costs involved and/or lack of insurance. Many low-income Canadians suffer from pain, discomfort, disability, and loss of opportunity because of poor oral health. Approximately six million Canadians avoid visiting the dentist every year because of the cost; and those with the highest levels of oral health problems are also those with the greatest difficulty accessing oral health care. SNIWWOC is removing the barrier of cost for eligible women and their children in Greater Victoria.

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