St. George Technology Develops First Hi-Impact Cold Cure Dental Acrylic

St. George Technology, developer and manufacturer of performance polymers and supplier of the Excel Formula™ range of high quality dental products, today announces that it has developed the world’s first hi-impact cold cure acrylic for dental use, which will improve dental lab productivity and reduce costs.

The market for hi-impact dental materials has been growing to meet the demands for better resistance to daily wear and tear, with all of these materials formed from a heat cure process. Excel Formula™ Hi-Impact Pourable is the first dental acrylic to achieve high strength and high impact resistance from a cold cure formulation, achieving a fracture toughness 35% greater than conventional cold cure denture base polymers. It is the only cold cure denture base on the market to fulfil the requirements of standard EN ISO 20795-1:2013 for high-impact denture base polymers (Sections 5.2.10 & 5.2.11).

This new cold cure material allows the dental lab to cope with high production while keeping energy costs and labor to a minimum. Lab tests between Excel Formula™ Hi-Impact Pourable and a leading hi-impact heat cured material show a 75% reduction in time from mixing to removal from flask by avoiding the equipment, increased labor, and cure times associated with heat cured materials.

Excel Formula™ Hi-Impact Pourable is undergoing FDA registration and is to be available from March 2017. It shares the chemistry and super-fine particle size of the existing Excel Formula™ acrylic materials, so will deliver the same unique combination of perfect color matching across the range, translucency and unrivalled color stability both on curing and in use over time.

Commenting on the new material, Dennis Leet, General Manager of St. George Technology said: “Dental labs will soon have the opportunity to improve quality, increase production, improve delivery and reduce energy consumption by switching to Excel Formula™ Hi-Impact Pourable.”

Comparative test results against market leading denture base materials can be requested at

Note To Editors
The Excel Formula™ range of easy-to-use high-performance dental polymers meets the core needs of the dental laboratory and enables the production of long lasting, high quality work, quickly and efficiently. They are distributed in the United States and Canada through leading dental suppliers.

St. George Technology is part of the Makevale Group, which develops and manufactures high-grade bespoke polymers. In the dental market, Makevale is a dominant acrylics manufacturer, working with many of the top dental brands as well as manufacturing the Excel Formula™ acrylics for distribution by St. George Technology.