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Stay in Contact With Your Patients While in Isolation

March 25, 2020
by Transitions Group

After a full week of closure, now might be a good time for getting in touch with your patients. After all, they’re probably not aware of where they stand in regard to dental care or your practice if they haven’t heard from you yet in the last few weeks. Reaching out could be a good way to let them know what your practice is up to and that they’re still part of a community that supports them. Maintaining patient relationships is just as important now as it ever was, as even in isolation the patient/dentist relationship is a vital part of a healthy community.

Blast Newsletters

If you’re already using Recall Max, this might be the perfect occasion for using it. Craft a message to all your patients to let them know the status of you and your team in isolation, where they can reach you, and what they should contact you for. It’s also a great opportunity to remind them about ways they can maintain their oral health and hygiene at home.

Use Your Webcam To Connect

A short, three-minute video is another great way to check in with all your patients and let them know you and your team are up to. Take advantage of the opportunity to educate your patients. Parents looking to keep their kids busy would welcome a demo on proper brushing and flossing from their own dentist or hygienist. The ever-important facial recognition is a nicer touch than just a newsletter alone, and it can definitely do something to brighten your patient’s day in addition to providing crucial information. If you have a reliable webcam you should definitely consider offering one-on-one calls using Zoom appointments through skype. When dealing with an emergency or even just a concern, the visual connection is crucial for providing the best care and advice from a distance.

Stay In Touch

It doesn’t hurt to send brief newsletters or videos to your patients every few days or about once a week if you can. These should include brief updates about yourself, your team, and the general situation, followed by a little content regarding dental health to reinforce the message of maintaining personal oral hygiene while isolated. Also, be sure to let them know as much as you can about who to contact during an emergency, including yourself. It’s a simple enough format, but it’s effective at reaching people while they’re isolated and possibly contributing to a safer and healthier life for everyone.

– Transitions Group

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