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Study: Canadian Workplace Health Benefits Critical for Employee Retention

November 18, 2021
by The Conference Board of Canada

A survey conducted by The Conference Board of Canada together with TELUS Health found an up to 83 per cent gap between the health benefits Canadian employees report they have and what they want when it comes to extended health and wellbeing support from their employers. The survey, conducted amidst a global pandemic, suggests that this gap is significant enough to create employee disengagement and has the potential to cause significant organizational turnover at a time when hiring and retaining employees is increasingly challenging: nearly seven in 10 employers globally are struggling to find workers for specific positions, marking a 15-year high.

The data suggests that Canadian employers need to consider more personalized and flexible workplace health benefits plans that offer more preventive health services and allow for more choice and ways to stay healthy. One way to achieve more flexibility is through virtual healthcare and telemedicine which may help in attracting and retaining top talent.

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