Suffering Yukon Dentist Forced to Drill His Own Tooth

A dentist who visits Yukon communities to provide service was recently forced to use his drill on himself.

According to another dentist — Helmut Schoener, who lives in Dawson City — it’s because bureaucratic rules prevented him from stepping in to help the ailing doctor.

Schoener said Dr. Chris Wisniewski had a toothache while working in Dawson a few weeks ago. Schoener is retired, but still has a licence to practice — and some 40 years of professional experience.

“[Wisniewski] said, ‘I’m developing a toothache and it’s getting worse — hopefully I can make it,'” recalled Schoener. “I said, ‘look, there’s no problem — I’ll gladly help you out.”

Schoener said Wisniewski accepted his offer, and he called the territorial health department in Whitehorse to get permission for Schoener to use the dental facility in the Dawson community hospital.

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