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Support for National Dental Care, Pharmacare and $10-a-day Daycare Drops to 4-in-10 Canadians (or less) When Tax Increases are Included, Poll Finds

May 3, 2022
by Financial Post

Support plummets to well below half of Canadians for new federal government programs, including dental care, pharmacare and $10-a-day daycare when the taxes needed to pay for them are included, finds a new Leger poll commissioned by the Fraser Institute, an independent, non-partisan Canadian public policy think-tank.

All three programs were included or committed to in the recent federal budget.

“Despite the federal government’s borrow-now, pay-for-it-later approach to public programs, Canadians need to be aware that these new programs have significant costs that will have to be paid for by taxpayers eventually,” said Jake Fuss, associate director of fiscal policy research at the Fraser Institute and co-author of Polling Canadians’ Support for New Federal Government Programs.

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3 Comments » for Support for National Dental Care, Pharmacare and $10-a-day Daycare Drops to 4-in-10 Canadians (or less) When Tax Increases are Included, Poll Finds
  1. Farah Minhas says:

    To whom it may concern :
    Current dental welfare programs hardly cover 1/3 the actual cost
    As dentist if we support these programs as a goodwill we loose money
    They need to have better compensation for that first
    The government started the senior program in Halton region just this December they are already have a limited budget so many restrictions that makes it very difficult to provide comprehensive dental treatment to the elderlies
    How are they planning to support a national dental program
    They need to work on the current programs that are in place already for better compensation

    They need to consult with an actual Dentist to ensure compensation is accurate
    There are so many unforeseen expenses just to do one small procedure

    It costs more to run a dental clinic then any other health facility ( family med optometry and so on )

    A book can be written about how unfair the current programs are

    At the end we loose money here then we get hammered by paying taxes on top!

    Just Not right !

    • Wasan Taki says:

      To some what I aree , but people with liw invome need support as well. Its very unfair for these people to work hard and pay tax but can not access dental care.

  2. Elena Olewsky says:

    I agree. The existing programmes are underfunded. The ODSP Fee guide remains the same for over a decade. The existing coverage hardly lets a dentist to break even , not loosing money servicing the patients.How is the government going to fund new programms? There is clearly no funds available.

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