SureSmile Software 7.6: More Options for Individual Treatment Preferences, More Control for Users

The SureSmile 2020 User Conference, which took place from February 27-29, 2020 in San Diego, became a very special digital summit for orthodontists. It set the stage for an exclusive first impression of the new updated version of SureSmile software. This includes many new features that provide even more options for individual treatment planning, giving more control to the clinician. The SureSmile Software 7.6 will be rolled out in April 2020.

For 15 years, the SureSmile User Conference has been considered a pioneering event in the digitalization of the orthodontic practice: The annual meeting regularly helps define new trends in treatment concepts.

A major highlight this year was the presentation of the newest version of the SureSmile software, Dentsply Sirona’s digital aligner platform. The cloud-based software in version 7.6 offers an easy introduction to the SureSmile Aligner treatment, full control when treating cases of varying complexity, and even the production of aligners in your own practice. The platform also supports treatment options beyond aligners such as indirect bonding of brackets, surgery planning, and patient-specific archwires.

Improvements in details with great effect

Working with the SureSmile Software 7.6 opens up numerous possibilities for the user for orthodontic treatment planning. The upgrade offers many new features and options. It is now possible to treat dental malocclusions of Angle Class II and III with aligners. Digitally planned cut-outs enable the use of intermaxillary elastics.

An important issue for clinicians is where and when interproximal enamel reduction (IPR or stripping) must be performed to gain extra space. In the course of improving the user interface, the IPR section was revised and now offers a good overview of the optimal IPR sequence.

Individual settings for more treatment comfort

The variable trimline is an important feature in aligner design. The clinician determines how far the aligner overlaps the gingiva offering different degrees of rigidity and force transmission. A new option is the aesthetically appealing scalloped aligner shape. The aligner margin thus follows the course of the gingival margin exactly. Above all, this helps deliver a high level of wearing comfort for the patient.

Individuality is also the keyword for the innovations in the attachments, which have already been used successfully in aligner treatment for a long time. They can now be adapted in terms of number as well as shape and size to suit specific tooth movements therefore offering flexibility.

The goal of Dentsply Sirona is to enable clinicians to offer their patients the best possible treatment and make them smile. The new SureSmile Software 7.6 ensures that this becomes even easier. At the same time, the software provides users with very effective tools to perform excellent treatment on cases of varying complexity.

Due to different approval and registration times, not all technologies and products are immediately available in all countries.

About Dentsply Sirona

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