Thais Carter Joins Cellerant Consulting Group

Cellerant Consulting Group is excited to announce that Thais Carter is joining the company as a Senior Executive Consultant.

“Thais has long been a valuable conversation partner around new technology, innovative marketing and engaging dentists at a higher level,” said Dr. Lou Shuman, CEO and founder of Cellerant Consulting Group. “We are thrilled to bring her talent to the Cellerant team and make her skillset and energy available to our growing portfolio of clients.”

Most recently, Thais was appointed as Director of Valparaiso University’s Institute for Leadership and Service. Prior to that, she served as the Senior Manager for Global PR and Media Relations at KaVo Kerr. However, her 12-year tenure in the dental industry was best defined by her time as Editor in Chief for Dental Products Report and Group Editorial Director of Advanstar Dental Media, which included titles serving dentists, dental hygienists and lab technicians. She oversaw an array of initiatives that helped open new media platforms to the dental audience in important ways.

“From the beginning, part of what made Dr. Shuman a joy to work with was our shared commitment to connecting the dental industry to the conversations and best practices found in the wider world, to not just be ‘good’ by dental standards, but in a way that would stand out in any field,” said Ms. Carter. “Cellerant is doing that on behalf of each and every one of its clients, striving for unassailable excellence. I couldn’t be more proud to join the team.”

“We are grateful that as Cellerant’s reputation for delivering results grows, so does the number of companies interested in working with us,” said Dr. Shuman. “Having Thais on board will allow us to say, ‘Yes,’ to more clients and expand the menu of what we offer to our current partners.”

About Cellerant Consulting Group

Founded and led by CEO Lou Shuman, DMD, CAGS Cellerant provides strategic dental market insights, clinical expertise, and implementation resources to accelerate growth for client dental companies. Cellerant services include product development, accelerated market awareness due to intimate relationships with the media community, new concept incubation, clinical product evaluation, manufacturing, seed funding, continuing education program development and CE sponsorship, 510k support, strategic branding and marketing, corporate social media, website development and online marketing resources, lead generation and dental media relations management. As an orthodontist and former owner of a 10-doctor multi-specialty private group practice, Dr. Shuman guides clients to develop offerings that connect with and engage dental customers on a relationship level that provides sustained differentiation. Cellerant operates under a unique model that merges leading voices in clinical product evaluation and strategic partner companies to provide a menu of services from one easily accessible network.

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