The 23rd TDO® Software and 2nd GentleWave® User Meeting Moving to an All Virtual Experience

Sonendo, Inc., a leading dental technology company, developer of the GentleWave System and the parent company of TDO Software Inc., the leading endodontic practice management software developer, announced today that its Annual TDO and GentleWave User meeting will be transformed to an all virtual event scheduled for Oct 8-10. The virtual meeting will be presented in conjunction with Pacific Endodontic Research Foundation (PERF).

“Every challenge presents an opportunity to grow. This year will be the first ever virtual PERF/TDO/Sonendo Scientific Session and Annual User Meeting.  We look forward to the opportunity to expose the wider endodontic community to the highest quality continuing education available” said Dr. Gary Carr, DDS, founder and director of PERF and founder of TDO Software, Inc.

The meeting will offer thought-provoking lectures from industry leaders, in real-time and on-demand, making it an enriching educational event for endodontists around the world. With CE credit courses, virtual exhibition, and opportunities to interact with the experts through state-of-the-art digital platforms, the event will bring an in-person experience to the virtual attendees, anywhere in the world. The agenda will include presentations on not only the TDO Software and the GentleWave Procedure but also other appealing topics in dentistry. Many presenting clinicians will be local at Sonendo Sound Science® Academy, the new state-of-the art training center at Sonendo’s headquarters in Laguna Hills, CA, to present live, socially distanced, and answer your questions just like an in-person meeting.

“Sonendo is committed to engaging the endodontic community and providing opportunities for peer-to-peer learning. We are fortunate to have a world-renowned faculty participating in this year’s event. I am confident that the program will provide an enriching experience to all attendees through interactive discussions with presenters, their peers and exhibitors,” said Bjarne Bergheim, President and CEO of Sonendo. “The virtual event will also allow residents, clinicians, assistants, staff and many more to participate from anywhere and learn about the latest research and trends. And we promise to showcase some really exciting advances in endodontics!”

The specific details and agenda of the TDO and Sonendo virtual user meeting will be announced in the coming weeks.


Sonendo, Inc. is a privately held company developing innovative technologies to transform dentistry by Saving Teeth Through Sound Science®. The GentleWave System shows significant improvements in clinical efficacy and practice efficiency when compared to standard root canal treatment1,2,3.  The System produces virtually no aerosols4 as it is closed-loop and the procedure is performed with a single-use, sterilized instrument, which eliminates the risk of cross-contamination. For most patients, the procedure can be performed in a single visit5, which reduces the risk of exposure to virus and improves convenience, with minimal to no pain post-procedure6.

Sonendo is also the parent company of TDO Software, the developer of the most widely used endodontic practice management software in the world, designed to simplify practice workflow. TDO software seamlessly integrates practice management, imaging, referral reporting, CBCT imaging, and offers built-in communication with the GentleWave System.

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The GentleWave System is cleared for use in the US and Canada and not available in other markets at this time.


PERF, or the Pacific Endodontic Research Foundation, is a non-profit teaching and research foundation dedicated to improving the standards of the endodontic specialty. A charitable foundation, PERF has been at the forefront of endodontics since it was founded by TDO founder and director Dr. Gary Carr in 1993. Dr. Carr’s development of the technique of ultrasonic root end preparation came out of PERF, as well as his groundbreaking work with a surgical microscope, which resulted in the establishment of the new field of “Microscopic Endodontics.”


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