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The New Normal – Donning & Doffing Systems

May 4, 2020
by Transitions Group

Today we continue our plan with getting ready for a phased return to dentistry and joining the equivalent to medical and hospital protocols when delivering AGP – (Aerosol Generating Procedures). There are some new terms to understand and systems that need to be updated, trained, followed and added to your protocols.

Begin with the facility and assigning which rooms will be for Aerosol Generated Procedures and make sure they have signage at the entrance and a handwashing station inside and outside for the Donning and Doffing process.

The AGP treatment room must be closed and have a shut door, and only the patient, dentist and assistant will be permitted in the treatment room. The operatory door is only opened once after the procedure has commenced to discharge the patient and for an assistant to exit the room.

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