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The Rift Over COVID-19 Safety Guidelines

June 5, 2020
by CBC News

As many shuttered dental clinics are preparing to reopen, a rift is growing in the industry over proper protocols to keep patients and staff safe — with one Ontario dental hygienist calling clinics a “ticking time bomb” for creating new COVID-19 cases.

After shutting down for all appointments except emergency services in mid-March, clinic owners now have Ontario’s green light to start booking other procedures.

But how to do that safely is a matter of hot debate, with the latest guidelines from two regulatory bodies — one for dentists, one for dental hygienists — offering different road maps for team members working in close quarters in the same settings.

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2 Comments » for The Rift Over COVID-19 Safety Guidelines
  1. Anonymous says:

    Rather than using the Cavitron, which generates aerosols, hygienists can hand scale.
    On the downside, it is more work to hand scale.
    But we all have to adapt.

    • kelly Galvin says:

      This is ridiculous. The patient is not at risk from themselves and staff, with face shield, gown and N95 mask is protected from the patient. You CANNOT do the same quality of care without a cavitron. There is no reason a hygienist cannot scale properly when right next door the dentist is doing all procedures.

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