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There Is Now A $100 Tube Of Toothpaste

October 2, 2019
by NNY 360

As with many beauty products in the world of luxury, it turns out that toothpaste isn’t really necessary.

Sure, it can freshen breath and help whiten teeth, but the real benefits of brushing come from the bristles on a toothbrush and their ability to scrape and disrupt dental plaque that leads to tooth decay and gum disease. Along with flossing once a day-arguably the most important-brushing twice daily is crucial to preventing oral infections, according to the American Dental Association.

One aspect of toothpaste that does make a difference though is fluoride, which combats the first stage of tooth decay, called demineralization. In that respect, if you’re not getting fluoride by some other means, toothpaste is your best bet.

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