TikTok and Dentists Battle Over $15 DIY Prosthetic Teeth Hack: ‘Dental Work Shouldn’t be a Luxury’

A TikTok trend suggesting that prosthetic teeth can be made out of InstaMorph beads has gone viral — and dentists are not happy.

User Gypsy Lou posted a series of videos explaining how she figured out a cheaper version of partial dentures. The TikToker ordered a pack of InstaMorph beads — plastic beads that can be heated then molded into various shapes — and showed how she made her own “flipper.”

A “flipper” refers to an acrylic, removable partial denture or prosthetic tooth. Flippers are more affordable than dental implants and still do the job of a regular tooth. A typical flipper can cost between $300 to $500, not including charges for adjustments or repairs.

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