TIME TO SWITCH: Aerosol Reduction with the Flip of a Switch.

NEW Ti-Max Z95L

Instantly switch between Water Spray or Water Jet at the flip of a switch with the world’s first two-way spray technology. When extra safety is needed, just the Water Jet provides maximum protection while continuing to offer optimum cooling. When conditions allow, switching back to Water Spray is a breeze. No equipment modification is needed, just twist the switch.


Spray air contributes significantly to spray mist in dental instruments. The addition of the Switch Valve, which turns off the coolant air, allows contra angle handpieces to reduce the water aerosols by as much as 50%.

NSK has invented a spray switch for contra-angle handpieces that lets you choose between the Water Spray (water+air) and Water Jet (water only). No other handpiece brand offers this proprietary, convenient and effective infection prevention feature. Eliminating spray air could not be easier – simply twist the switch.

For more information, visit: www.nskdental.com

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