Why The Toothpaste You Recommend Matters

Does your fluoride protect your clients’ enamel?
Dental erosion has reached epidemic levels

  • Recent research has shown that approximately 30% of dental clients aged 18–35 years had at least one tooth with advanced erosive tooth wear

Why stannous flouride matters when it come to enamel erosion
Stannous fluoride protects the tooth surface from enamel erosion caused by dietary acids in the low pH range, a risk that’s rapidly increasing for all your clients.

Is there any evidence to show that not all fluorides are the same?

How can stannous fluoride technology repair enamel inside and out?

What is the difference between stannous fluoride and sodium fluoride?

  • Compared to sodium fluoride, stannous fluoride provides enamel erosion protection
  • When your client’s pH lowers during an acid challenge from food or drinks, fluoride’s effectiveness to strengthen enamel is reduced. Stannous from stannous fluoride forms an acid resistant micro-thin layer to protect enamel from acid erosion.

Why else does stannous matter?

  • Compared to sodium fluoride, stabilized stannous fluoride also provides greater calcium loss protection

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A History and Update of Fluoride Dentifrices

More Stannous Benefits

  • Recommending Crest Pro-Health with stannous fluoride daily, to form an acid-resistant micro-thin stannous shield while the fluoride component rebuilds weakened enamel, will provide additional protection to help prevent enamel loss
  • Crest Pro-Health’s unique stannous fluoride shield also helps treat and prevent sensitivity by killing bacteria, reducing inflammation and restoring gingival health
  • Crest Pro-Health’s new and improved, micro-bead free formula offers clients a smooth texture, gentle foaming action, great taste, and invigorating clean for a better brushing experience with no staining or sloughing