Top Financial Advisor and Business Strategist Asserts Key to Achieving Success Amid the Shifting Economic Landscape is to Master the Entrepreneurial Mindset


Mark B. Murphy, Chief Executive Officer of national financial planning and wealth management firm Northeast Private Client Group, offers expert insight into successful entrepreneurship in his highly anticipated third book, The Ultimate Investment: A Roadmap to Grow Your Business and Build Multigenerational Wealth. Set to be released in February 2023, the book will enlighten readers on how to transition from being merely self-employed into flourishing business owners equipped to lead with confidence and purpose.

With over 35 years of experience in the financial services industry, Murphy has observed a stark difference between being someone who is self-employed and being an entrepreneur, which he posits can be traced back to one’s mindset. In The Ultimate Investment, he asserts that an entrepreneurial mindset is imperative to building successful companies that blaze new trails, set the world on fire, and make life easier for others.

“The roles of entrepreneur and business owner are different – they require different sets of skills,” Murphy states. “True entrepreneurialism is about freeing yourself from the constraints of time. Instead of ‘clocking in’ at your own company to make sure the money keeps coming in, a true entrepreneur is able to spend more time growing the business, accumulating wealth, and leaving a legacy for future generations.”

In The Ultimate Investment,Murphy analyzes what true entrepreneurship does and does not encompass to help readers overcome the common, single-minded focus on owning a business and develop the skills they need to thrive, compete, and overcome today’s challenges.

In the midst of the unique economic, professional, and social climate we’ve found ourselves in – a time when “quiet quitting” has continued to trend and, according to an October 2022 survey conducted by The Conference Board, 98% of CEOs noted they are preparing for a potential recession – the insights and strategies Murphy shares in The Ultimate Investment are sure to prove vital for aspiring, budding, and current entrepreneurs alike.

“My entrepreneurial goal is to make other people’s lives better,” Murphy says. “I want to help people create multigenerational wealth, create the lives they want, and help extend to the lives they touch.”

Murphy’s mission is as welcome as it is necessary during this era of unprecedented change. Armed with the tried and tested guidance on entrepreneurship and wealth creation he shares in The Ultimate Investment, readers will build a better business and more abundant life – for themselves, their families, their employees, and beyond.

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