Tri Hawk Donates Over $250,000 for Those in Need of Dental Care

When we think of helping the needy, we usually start with feeding the hungry or donating clothing to some familiar charity.

But what about defining the needy as “people with little or no access to dental care?” That’s what Tri Hawk has done. And in its generous attempt to serve these needy, the company has donated over a quarter of a million dollars in cash and product.

There are millions of children and adults scattered throughout the world, millions with every kind of dental disease, millions who have never seen a dentist, never had a screening, never had any preventive or restorative care. These are the needy that Tri Hawk notices and serves. By donating burs to charitable programs and dental clinics around the world, this manufacturer of high-performance burs enables front-line volunteer dental teams to treat more patients, relieve more pain, eliminate more infections and restore dignity to thousands of needy people. Donating burs – the bur, incidentally, preferred by dental connoisseurs – to volunteer and charitable clinics (in Canada, India, United States and Africa, for example) enables those clinics to provide oral health education, screenings, normal care and emergency care to thousands of underserved and unserved  people throughout the world.

Here is a sampling of those who benefit from Tri Hawk’s charitable giving:

  • America’s ToothFairy
  • The Smiles Foundation of Ontario
  • The Fountain of Life Foundation in Uganda
  • New York State Mission of Mercy
  • Maa Durga Dental Clinic in India
  • Evangel Hall Mission