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Trump Signs Bill to Expand VA Dental Care Coverage for Veterans in US

March 6, 2020
by Radio.com

President Donald Trump signed into law a new measure allowing VA to expand reduced or no-cost dental care coverage to veterans on Monday.

House Joint Resolution 80 approves a request from the Department of Veterans Affairs to begin a pilot program to increase VA-funded dental care options.

Only about 8 percent of veterans who get care at VA currently qualify for VA-backed dental coverage.

The bill was introduced by Rep. Phil Roe, R-Tenn., ranking member of the House Veterans Affairs Committee to kick off a new avenue for veteran benefits through the MISSION Act, which replaced the Choice Act in June 2019.

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7 Comments » for Trump Signs Bill to Expand VA Dental Care Coverage for Veterans in US
  1. Milo says:

    The problem is, a veteran has to have service related issues with his teeth and/or it has to be combat related. Or she has to be on her death bed. The veterans affairs is the most screwed up organization. Dental and vision should be the first two guaranteed things ALL veterans get . I really hope this ratified bill is passed.

  2. Peggy church says:

    What about dental and vision care for people on Medicare. I paid out more than $2,000 for vision and dental care in 2019. This put an incredible strain on my budget. Older people need vision and dental care just as much as we need medical.!

  3. Claudia Moore says:

    Dental care goes a long way towards the condition of your overall health. Dental and vision care should be an automatic given to all. I think it’s as important as heart health.

  4. CJ Autterson says:

    Yes dental care has to be service connected.Try to keep all of your VA medical an discharge records. If you are eligible for VA dental, first see a a private dentist for a free exam to determine what problem teeth cane be saved! You then my be prepared when your VA dentist says we will extract these problem teeth and give you a denture. You probably will not be offered an implant, which is the most advanced permanent cure for missing teeth after extractions, because they may have to send you to a qualified implant specialist. Sorry but VA politics over rides all else.

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