U of A Dental Training Program Helps Patients Save with Free Procedures


The IV Conscious Sedation program from the University of Alberta’s School of Dentistry is helping dentists train to incorporate sedation and anesthetics into their practice while also offering free dental care to patients.

The certification program is open to dentists from across Canada and the U.S. to help them gain a competitive edge. The tuition is around $22,000 and it is a combination of online learning and in-person clinical components.

The initiative runs five times a year, “giving patients the opportunity to receive free cleanings, check-ups and simple fillings,” reports CTV News Edmonton.

The program is open for people who have a financial need or are anxious when it comes to receiving dental work, as the dentists use “a method of intravenously administering a sedative so that a patient can receive dental treatment safely and comfortably,” according to U of A.

Learn more about the initiative from CTV News.