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University of Alberta Dentistry School Partners with Métis Nation of Alberta to Improve Access to Oral Health Care

February 16, 2021
by Mirage News

Diane Valentine of Fort Assiniboine can smile broadly again thanks to a new partnership between the University of Alberta’s School of Dentistry and the Métis Nation of Alberta.

“I was chicken to go to the dentist all my life and I hadn’t been for 20 years—I didn’t have coverage so I just never went,” said Valentine, who received a full set of dentures as part of the program. “I had bad teeth so I never really smiled, but now I can.”

Valentine is one of more than 46,000 members of the Métis Nation who are being encouraged to use the affordable and high-quality pediatric, emergency, denture and other dental services carried out under faculty supervision by U of A students who are training to become dentists and dental hygienists.

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