University of Surrey Develops a Non-invasive Diagnostic Test for Oral Cancer


Researchers from the University of Surrey have developed a non-invasive diagnostic test for oral cancer called PANDORA. The test was shown to be over 92% accurate at finding patients with oral squamous cell carcinoma (OSCC) and 80% accurate at finding patients with pre-cancer or oral epithelial dysplasia (OED), explained the University.

The study looked at people with OSCC and OED as well as people without cancer. A machine called a DEPtech 3DEP analyzer was used to measure the cells of participants.

“Over three hundred thousand people are diagnosed with oral cancer worldwide – a disease with an alarming mortality rate of around 50%. This suggests that the scientific community doesn’t have the tools available to identify oral cancer early enough, and we hope that PANDORA paves the way for more effective clinical diagnostic tools for this terrible disease,” said Dr Fatima Labeed, Study Co-Author and Senior Lecturer in Human Biology, University of Surrey.

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