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UPDATE: Dental Office Told to Shut Off Water Following 10 Kids Being Hospitalized

September 16, 2016
by Courtney Perkes, The Orange County Register

Orange County’s Health Care Agency on Thursday ordered Children’s Dental Group in Anaheim to stop using water for procedures after 10 root canal patients were hospitalized with serious infections.

The agency said its lab has confirmed that multiple samples taken from the dental office’s water system have tested positive for mycobacteria similar to the kind believed to have sickened the children, who all underwent pulpotomies since May.

“I am issuing this order to protect the health of the dental office patients,” Dr. Eric Handler, the county’s health officer, said in a statement. “I’m requiring a complete replacement of the on-site water system so that we will remove the potential threat of infection.”

To view the full story, please visit: http://www.ocregister.com/articles/children-729073-tooth-hospitalized.html

To view the first news of this incident, please visit: https://www.oralhealthgroup.com/news/seven-children-hospitalized-bacterial-disease-following-pulpotomies-treatment-1003924114/

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