VOCO Expands CAD/CAM Presence, Announces Material Partnership with Planmeca and the Release of Grandio blocs PlanMill

VOCO announces a material partnership with Planmeca and the release of the fire-free Nano-Ceramic hybrid Grandio blocs PlanMill.

Grandio blocs has proven its high quality with many other milling systems and has excelled due to its toothlike physical properties, esthetics and time-saving attributes.

As a nano-ceramic hybrid block, firing is obsolete, saving time and money while simplifying optional characterization and intraoral repair.

The high filler degree of 86% allows for excellent wear resistance and long-term color stability. Additionally, its toothlike elasticity and thermal expansion behavior enhances marginal integrity compared to ceramic/zirconia. Grandio blocs’ formulation allows for precision-milled, thin, tapered edges (as low as 0.8mm for crowns) without the concern for chipping or breakage. Easy to polish, Grandio blocs PlanMill is available in multiple sizes, translucencies and shades.

Grandio blocs PlanMill is indicated for crowns, inlays, onlays, veneers and implant-supported crowns. Planmeca’s latest software update allows PlanMill users to easily select the perfect milling strategy for Grandio blocs PlanMill.

The integration of the VOCO materials into the Planmeca system will help service a growing segment of CAD/CAM users, enabling them to enjoy VOCO’s high-quality materials and offer their patients elevated and expanded treatment options.

For more information, visit vocoamerica.com or planmeca.com.