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VOCO Highlights Products for the “New Normal”

July 15, 2020

Reduce Products in the Operatory, Reduce Disinfection Needs, Reduce Procedural Steps

Photo: VOCO

In order to help offices with the “New Normal,” VOCO is highlighting products that can help reduce procedural steps, reduce disinfection needs, and reduce products in the operatory. These products enable dentists to do more with less and come in SingleDose packaging to reduce sanitation steps and increase efficiency.

Futurabond U is VOCO’s universal adhesive in a SingleDose blister pack to reduce disinfection needs. It is indicated for or all direct or indirect materials with no extra activator, for all cure and etch modes, and for all substrates to reduce products in the operatory. Its fast and easy one-coat application (apply, dry and cure in 35 seconds) saves time and steps.

Admira Fusion x-tra is VOCO’s nano-ORMOCER restorative in one universal shade to reduce procedural steps and is available in SingleDose ISO-pak caps to reduce disinfection needs. It eliminates the shade-matching step while providing an esthetic, long-lasting restoration with a 4mm depth-of-cure, a low shrinkage rate of 1.25%, and is 100% BPA-free for superior biocompatibility.

GrandioSO Heavy Flow is VOCO’s universal flowable with a higher fill rate than most packables, and is available in a SingleDose capsule to reduce disinfection needs. It is universally indicated for all cavity classes to reduce products in the operatory. GrandioSO Heavy Flow’s 83% fill rate supports physical properties superior to that of most packable composites.

These products enable dentists to do more with less, come in SignleDose packaging to reduce sanitation steps, save time and increase efficiency.

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