What a Great Nation

I just returned from the Grand Prix Formula 1 held in Montreal this past weekend. It was a fabulous event and one of the best highlights occurred when the crowd got to watch the talented, 18-year-old Canadian driver, Lance Stroll do his magic. He started in 17th place and finished in 9th to the appreciative roars of proud Canadians. By moving down eight places, he finished higher in the Grand Prix points system.

Being there in the presence of 125,000 people on the Island watching the race on the Gilles Villeneuve circuit, I felt a strong sense of my Canadian identity. Canadian flags were everywhere. The crowd cheered most loudly for the Canadian driver than anything else in the entire automobile race. I am so grateful to be Canadian.

While in Montreal, I met with clients in the dental industry and spoke to business owners working in many different industries. There was a common take-away for me. All of them were optimistic. They have plans to grow their business, create employment and continue to invest in their Canadian companies.

We are so very fortunate in this great nation. All dentists benefit from investment, be it local, national, or foreign; when the Canadian economy thrives, the dental industry of Canada thrives.

Recently, there has been a lot of talk about our real estate industry, the ups and downs of the market and the overheated pricing that some people fear may cause a financial collapse.  Business owners are the key drivers of the economy of this nation and those business owners believe in Canada and believe in the economy at large. When they continue to invest in their companies and create employment, dental benefits and other health care benefits are sure to follow. I predict that the Canadian dental industry will continue to benefit from investment and the confidence of the Canadian business owner.

We often underestimate and understate how fortunate we are even this year, the 150th Anniversary of Confederation. I encourage all of you, as independent business owners, to praise the Canadian economy, to speak positively about our business climate and our environment to every patient and all the people that we communicate with. Each one of us has a duty to promote our great nation for all the varied reasons from freedoms to financial opportunities that make Canada the best country in the world.

God bless Canada and I can’t say this any other way,” I am grateful to be part of the Canadian dental industry and I hope that you feel the same. No matter what your daily struggles and all the issues that we deal with as business owners, we are very fortunate”.

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