What’s New At ALD 2020? The First “Laser 101” Full-Day Session

Dentistrys Laser Meeting

The Academy of Laser Dentistry (ALD), recently announced its first “Lasers 101” full day educational track at the upcoming 27th annual conference and exhibition, April 2-4 at the Paradise Point Resort in San Diego.

Specifically, the “Lasers 101” track is a day pass program entitled “So You Got a Laser. Now What?” This program will take place on Saturday, April 4th from 8:00 AM to 3:00 PM. According to ALD executive director, Gail Siminovsky, CAE, “This learning track is designed to excite clinicians interested in exploring laser dentistry or those who may be on the fence about it. By taking this course, clinicians put themselves in the driver’s seat with confidence when it comes to evaluating lasers clinically and using them. It’s another example of ALD’s innovative approach to laser education”.

Here’s the “So You Got a Laser. Now What?” program at a glance:

  • 3 expert speakers:
  • Michael Cataldo, CEO of Convergent Lasers. “Return on Your Laser Investment”
  • Juliana Barros, “Let the Light Shine: A Brighter Day at the Office”
  • Shalizah Patel, “Laser Protocols: Let the Evidence Guide You”
  • Unbiased, scientifically relevant practical information
  • 6 CE credits
  • Full access to exhibit hall
  • Breakfast and Lunch included
  • Panel discussion
  • Only $695 per attendee**
  • This program is FREE when you register for the entire ALD 2020 Meeting**

Click http://bit.ly/2pWYBl3 to register for this one-day only program. Seating is limited!

* Hotel not included

** Additional workshops and hotel not included.

The over-arching theme of ALD 2020 is “The Future is NOW: Integrating Technology into Your Practice”. The ALD 2020 experience is designed to transform careers by providing unbiased lectures and hands-on workshops on all types of lasers. Digital imaging, CAD/CAM, 3-D cone beam radiography, are all part of the curriculum, as well.

“ALD’s openly friendly and genuine approach will impress you. ALD’s discussions are lively and supportive.”  says Siminovsky.”

What else is new and exciting in the laser world?  ALD 2020 includes a  strong educational track on one of the most exciting developments in laser dentistry; photobiomodulation or PBM, a form of low-level laser therapy which has been clinically proven to heal tissue and reduce pain. The complete schedule includes the highest caliber of informative and relevant sessions that make this conference “dentistry’s laser meeting.”

Lectures: Endodontics, Periodontics, Pediatrics/TOTs, Esthetics, Medically Compromised Patients, Sleep Apnea, Pain Management, Hygiene, Financial Planning, Wealth Management, Legal Protection

Workshops: Diode Laser Basics, Advanced Diode Lasers, Endodontics, Photography, Whitening, Hygiene, Laser Certification

New Trends: 3-D Imaging, Green Dentistry. Smile Design, Caries Prevention, Periodontal Endoscopy, Adjunctive Modalities for Laser Dentistry

Early Bird Discount:

For full conference program details and registration information, visit http://bit.ly/2NOgmcK.

An early bird registration discount of $150.00 is in effect until December 31, 2019. What’s more, during the Greater New York Dental Meeting, $200.00 tuition discount coupons will be distributed during the laser courses presented by Dr. Sam Low, Dr. Mel Burchman, Dr. Gerry Ross and Dr. Laura Braswell. Each of these coupons can be combined with the early bird discount for a total savings of $350.00 for total tuition of only $895.00.

About the Academy of Laser Dentistry:  

The Academy of Laser Dentistry (ALD) is the only independent and unbiased non-profit association devoted to laser dentistry and includes clinicians, academicians and researchers in all laser wavelengths.  The Academy is devoted to clinical education, research, and the development of standards and guidelines for the safe and effective use of dental laser technology.  ALD was founded in 1993, with the merging of the International Academy of Laser Dentistry, the North American Academy of Laser Dentistry and the American Academy of Laser Dentistry.  For more information, visit www.LaserDentistry.org.

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