WHO Urges Countries to Accelerate Action to Achieve Universal Coverage for Oral Health on World Oral Health Day


WHO is encouraging countries in South-East Asia to hasten their implementation of the new Action Plan for Oral Health 2022-2030, which plans to provide universal coverage for oral health for everyone in the region by 2030. According to WHO, South-East Asia has “the world’s highest oral cancer incidence and mortality rates, with age-standardized mortality for both males and females more than double the global average.” In 2019, the region had approximately 900 million cases of untreated oral health diseases.

In 2021, WHO created the Regional Action Plan for Oral Health, which was supported at the 75th WHO Regional Committee meeting that takes place every year to make decisions on policies and programs for the year. “It aims to achieve a 33.3% relative reduction of premature mortality from oral cancer and a 25% relative reduction in the prevalence of untreated dental caries of permanent teeth by 2030,” says WHO.

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