“You Can Gain Practical Knowledge to Improve Treatment Success” Dr. Peter Wöhrle on Symposium 2020

After the great success of the Nobel Biocare Global Symposium a few months ago, Dr. Peter Wöhrle is a speaker and moderator at the upcoming Global Symposium 2020 in Las Vegas, US. One of a few doctors worldwide with formal specialty training in the interrelating areas of implant surgery, implant prosthodontics and dental implant technology, here he gives insights into what implant professionals can expect at this world-class event.

Dr. Wöhrle, what inspires this event and what can dental professionals expect when they attend?

What motivates us is helping dental implant professionals around the world treat more patients better, with a better outcome and patient experience, and with a more streamlined, scientifically proven protocol. What challenges do they need to solve on a daily basis? How can they advance their skills and practice implant dentistry at the highest level? At the Global Symposium, you can gain practical knowledge to improve treatment success and skill sets with a mix of hands-on sessions, discussions and presentations from many experts.

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