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4th National Dentistry Teaching Award Awarded to a University of British Columbia Teacher

July 28, 2005
by Oral Health

The Dentistry Canada Fund, the Canadian charity for oral health, and the Association of Canadian Faculties of Dentistry, the organization that represents university-based dental education, research and management in Canada, are pleased to announce the winner of the fourth 3M ESPE National Dentistry Teaching Award. The 2005 recipient is Professor Bonnie Craig of the University of British Columbia.

The 3M ESPE National Dentistry Teaching Award was created to recognize exceptional contributions to dental education at Canadian Universities. It honours a faculty member who, in the opinion of his or her students, alumni and/or colleagues, has displayed the qualities of an outstanding teacher. Specific criteria for the Award include:

knowledge of the theory of teaching and learning, as demonstrated through the organization and presentation of didactic and/or clinical instruction;
involvement of student participation in the learning process;
specification of performance standards and stimulation of students to reach those standards;
ability to communicate effectively;
accessibility to students outside class;
development of rapport with students;
utilization of evaluation methods which assess the higher levels of learning.

Professor Craig is a most worthy winner of this 3M ESPE Award. As indicated in the nomination package, Professor Craig has demonstrated her knowledge, enthusiasm, and commitment to her students through her leadership, professionalism and clinical skills. Dr. Joanne Walton, who nominated Professor Craig, praised the work that Dr. Craig has done in the past. “Professor Craig has not only been innovative and committed with respect to the BDSc program, she has been a keen participant in the DMD curriculum as well, as both a teacher and in helping to develop and manage our new student-centered curriculum. She could have taken an isolationist approach, choosing to focus all her energies on her role as the sole faculty member responsible for the development and management of the BDSc program. Instead, Bonnie has chosen to share her educational expertise with her dental colleagues and, as a result, she is both respected and appreciated by her peers in the Faculty of Dentistry and in the College of Health Disciplines.”

Professor Craig officially received her 3M ESPE Award at the ACFD Biennial Conference in Vancouver, British Columbia on June 3, 2005. Dr. Edwin Yen, President of the ACFD, Dr. Ralph Crawford of DCF and Ms. Corrie Kowalczyk of 3M ESPE’s Health Care Group made the presentation to Professor Craig.

Dr. Yen, President of the ACFD, spoke about Professor Craig’s commitment to teaching. “Professor Bonnie Craig exemplifies the outstanding and committed educator that all students value and provides a model for the innovation and dedication that will be required for all faculty to meet the challenges of oral health professions education. Professor Craig has demonstrated that teaching skills and curriculum development are not restricted to one profession or another, as she has contributed to both the dentistry and the dental hygiene degree programs. Her development of the first baccalaureate level dental hygiene program in Canada, the creation of web based courses for distance education of all students and her leadership on national bodies dealing with education and accreditation have gained her international respect. ACFD is proud to honour such excellence in Professor Bonnie Craig, this year’s recipient of the 3M ESPE National Teaching Award.”

Corrie Kowalczyk, 3M ESPE’s Health Care Group, is proud of her company’s support for this National Dentistry Teaching Award. “One of the ways we encourage innovation at 3M is by celebrating and recognizing its existence. This sharing of best practices and good ideas is a process of teaching and learning which is exactly what we are celebrating today.”

Dr. Ralph Crawford, Honorary Curator of the Dentistry Canada Fund, spoke to the commitment that is given by teachers and Professor Bonnie Craig. “Rare is the teacher who elevates the art of teaching through inspired teaching techniques, through an innate curiosity and enthusiasm for teaching. Good teachers enable their students; they uplift their potential and instill a passion for their chosen career and profession. It is through this 3M ESPE Award that we recognize Bonnie Craig for being one of these special leaders; for being a champion who is helping to nurture and develop the future leaders of the profession.”

The Dentistry Canada Fund and the Association of Canadian Faculties of Dentistry would like to thank 3M ESPE for their generous financial support of this award. For more information on the award, please contact the Dentistry Canada Fund at 613-236-4763 or via e-mail at information@dcf-fdc.ca, or the Association of Canadian Faculties of Dentistry at 613-237-6505 or via e-mail at director@acfd.ca.

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