60 Seconds to Save a Life

Oral cancer is one of the few oral diseases encountered by the oral health team that has significant morbidity and premature mortality.

Tobacco products, alcohol consumption and sun exposure are the most recognized risk factors, but the incidence of Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) related oral cancer has also been on the rise, particularly in younger adults who have never smoked or used other tobacco products.

To understand the importance of early detection and the role of dental professionals in oral cancer screening, we should know that:

  • A conventional oral examination is a feasible and satisfactory option for opportunistic screening in dental settings with sensitivity and specificity similar to breast and cervical cancer screening programs.
  • Early diagnosis of oral cancer can greatly increase the five-year survival rates from less 50% to almost 90%.
  • Oral cancer is known to be amenable to early detection as it primarily occurs at sites that are accessible and visible during a non-invasive examination.
  • Oral cancer is often preceded by a visible precancerous lesion enabling early detection and treatment.
  • The tumour’s proliferative factor and stage at the time of diagnosis largely determine the prognosis of cancer.
  • Only 30% of oral cancer is identified at an early stage with the majority (50%) being diagnosed at an advanced stage of metastasis (stage III or IV).
  • Late presentation, delayed diagnosis and lack of a clear referral pathway between doctors and dentists are common.


The World Dental Federation proactively encourages Oral Health Professionals to incorporate oral mucosal examinations as part of a routine assessment.

Early Detection Technology

Tissue auto fluorescence can help to spot potentially pathologically altered tissues and is another weapon in the armoury to fight against mouth cancer. It’s an adjunctive tool specifically for the purpose of early detection used alongside the traditional intra oral and extra oral examinations.

New lesion on a patient previously operated on as seen with the naked eye and under autofluorescence.



Goccles® consists of special eyewear equipped with innovative optical filters used in conjunction with a curing light for oral cancer screening. Their use is simple, non-invasive and painless for early screening for oral cancer and precancerous lesions. This technique enables rapid screening in only 1 – 2 minutes of internal surface areas of the oral mucosa to provide a non-invasive aid for the detection of dysplasia, pre-cancerous and potentially malignant lesions.

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The special optical filters in the Goccles® eyewear allows you to visualize anomalies through fluorescence.  The tissue auto-fluorescence also contributes to the identification of the margins of precancerous and cancerous lesion.

Goccles, the internationally awarded MD to help in early Oral Cancer screening

The complete unit includes the Goccles® eyewear, a camera clip for smartphones, lens cleaner liquid, a micro screwdriver, lanyard, fabric case and instructions for use.  Goccles® does not require the use of any after-market products such as mirrors, sheaths, rinses, band filters and safety glasses which means that there are no after purchase costs. You only need the Goccles® eyewear along with a common curing light as the primary source of light to conduct the oral cancer screening.

Comments from Evaluators

  • “Easy to use and well-accepted by patients.”
  • “Awesome product and easy to use – good illumination.”
  • Goccles® showed lesions much more clearly.”
  • “Simple concept, cool high-tech factor and high patient acceptance.”
  • “Not having to purchase a special light is awesome.”
  • “Patients liked that it was obvious that I was giving them an oral cancer screening and using technology. Patients perceived that they were getting a better-quality exam.”

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