A Move For The Better

In 2008, after practicing for almost 20 years in the historic Medical Arts Building as the St. George Dental Group in Toronto, Drs. Michael Weinberg and Jay Niman faced a difficult and career changing decision. The University of Toronto had purchased the building and all existing tenants were asked to leave as soon as their existing leases expired. Not wanting to move with a gun to their heads, the two partners decided to exercise their renewal option and include a 30 day out clause. The decision when to move would be theirs alone and not the Landlord.

Realizing that they needed professional advice in finding and securing a lease on a new location, the doctors enlisted the services of Anita Goodman of Devencore Realty.

It was hoped that suitable space would be found along Bloor Street, maintaining the current proximity to the subway line. It became evident however that Landlords in the area were either unwilling to lease to dentists or provide the security of a long-term lease.

Goodman discovered storefront space at 65 St. Clair Avenue East. It was within 100 metres of the subway and the 14-foot high ceilings created an instant attraction. It was not long before a long-term lease was negotiated and signed.

The doctors then turned to designer Gloria Fine to create the design and décor that would take their practice to the next level. Fine had to create an environment that was not just for general dentistry but also for implant surgery as the identity of the practice was changed to St. Clair Dental Associates and the Midtown Centre for Dental Implants.

Working with Henry Schein’s planning department, Fine used every inch of available space to allow for six operatories, custom sterilization unit, consult room, a staff room, laboratory and private office.

Her choice of stone for the front desk and flooring in the common areas creates an aura of quiet elegance in a modern workspace. In the operatories, the professional vinyl flooring with the cove baseboards allows for the durability and sterility necessary in a surgical setting.

The most stunning features of the office are the ceiling pods in the six operatories and the high cove ceiling with up lighting along the entire length of the hallway.

Many aspects of modern technology are present in the office, the most important being digital radiography and the special lighting in the surgical ops. Patients are particularly pleased by the available Wi-Fi.

Six months after opening the new location Drs. Weinberg and Niman welcomed Dr. Ted Margel and his team to the office. The new storefront location has exposed the doctors to a level of new patients never seen before.

The doctors thank those responsible for seeing the project to completion:

Shane Emer of Rease Construction for building the office; Graham Caisse and Ken Croney from Henry Schein; Gus Regas of Regency Custom cabinetry for all millwork; Jason Marshall of J-TEK Solutions Inc., for setting up the IT Network and the digital radiography.