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A Note From the President of the FCDSA

March 5, 2021
by Stephanie Wiseman, President FCDSA

I would not be where I am today if it were not for the strong women role models who inspired me and encouraged me to achieve my goals. I am currently finishing my fourth year of dental school and will shortly be embarking on a new exciting chapter: orthodontics specialty school. While this means I will still be in school at 30, I could not be more thrilled that everything I have dreamed of since I was 7 years old is coming true.

As the President of the Federation of Canadian Dentistry Student Associations (FCDSA), I strive to set an example as a female leader for all dental students and aspiring dental students. I am proud to serve as a representative of students across the country who are so inclusive and encourage each other to succeed. Over the past few decades, there have been more women than ever before in Canadian dentistry programs, yet there are few opportunities for dental students to learn how to achieve a work-life balance; especially for any young professional hoping to start a family. I have again turned to strong female role models in the profession to discuss how they have found ways to balance professional and personal life. I have made it one of my goals with the FCDSA over the past year to try to find ways to help other dental students navigate this realm through inviting speakers to discuss wellness and balance, and through partnering with organizations like Women in Dentistry.

Being a woman in dentistry presents its unique set of challenges, but having supportive individuals in my close circle makes this seem easier to overcome. Dental school would not have been the same without the support of my closest friends in the program. I have two women in dental school who I have the pleasure of sharing every accomplishment and every challenge with. We have a special bond as we try to navigate our way to becoming young professionals together and I am immensely grateful for our supportive relationship.

I am so happy to celebrate all that women have accomplished today and every day.

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