ADA Foundation Introduces $1,000 Emergency Disaster Assistance Grants

In support of dentists affected by the recent devastation caused by Hurricane Sandy, the ADA Foundation (ADAF) has launched a new Emergency Disaster Assistance Grant to complement its existing Disaster Assistance Grants Program. The ADAF has also begun a national fundraising campaign in support of both types of grants.

Designed to provide more immediate support of up to $1,000 to dentists in need of emergency food, water, clothing, shelter and counseling, the Emergency Disaster Assistance Grants may be requested with a simple application form submitted directly to the ADA Foundation. The application is available at

In addition to this new Emergency Grant program, the ADAF’s existing Disaster Assistance Grants Program provides grants up to $5,000 to dentists who have lost property in a declared disaster, and to organizations that can provide emergency dental care in areas affected by Hurricane Sandy. These grants require the demonstration of financial need, as well as information about insurance coverage and payments made to the applicant. The deadline to submit these applications is 60 days after the declared disaster.

“The ADA Foundation works to support dentists in their time of need,” said Dr. David Whiston, President of the ADA Foundation. “During an event of this magnitude, the ADA Foundation plays a small role in the overall scope of disaster assistance. However, the support we provide dentists is surely welcome assistance at this crucial time.”

“Given the breadth and severity of the storm, the Foundation anticipates a need greater than the resources available, and invites individual contributions to help fully fund the grants,” Dr. Whiston added.

To support the ADA Foundation in this effort to provide more grant assistance to those dentists and dental organizations affected by Hurricane Sandy, please make a tax-deductible donation to the ADA Foundation by calling 312.440.2547 or visiting

About the ADA Foundation
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